Why Should You Wear Open Earbuds for Running?

Most people love to run with music. Numerous studies have shown that running with music increases concentration, provides ongoing stimulus and generates a positive influence.  But wearing earbuds for a long time usually cause ear-fatigue, some bad quality earbuds may even harm your hearing. That’s why you should wear open earbuds for running.


What are open earbuds?

Wireless open earbuds are headphones that don't clog or cover your ears, unlike most sports earbuds that need to go into your ears, so you can hear your music and surroundings at the same time. This unique experience makes them the preferred choice for running and working out, they allow you to enjoy the music without losing the ambient sound around you.

running with open earbuds


What makes open earbuds better for running than normal earbuds?


  • Open earbuds keep you safe while running.

Open headphones allow sound to pass through, while normal closed headphones on the market do not. When you run with open earbuds in the city, you can hear the cars beeping around you to avoid potential car accidents.

  • Open earbuds allow you to chat with your running pal.

If you love to run together with your friends or family, you will definitely love open earbuds. With your ears uncovered, you can easily have a conversation with your running pal while listening to your music at the same time.


  • Open earbuds are more comfortable to wear than most of other types.

The majority of open-ear wireless headphones use bone conduction technology to send vibrations directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. Though this technology works well, it requires a tight fit between the bone conduction headphones and the wearer. And between the fit and the vibrations, some find bone conduction headphones to be simply uncomfortable. Instead of sending sound waves through the wearer's bones, open earbuds send sound waves through the air for a more natural listening experience. The open design allows air to ventilate these pads, which won't heat up your ears and cause discomfort.

  • Long battery life

Most of open earbuds are designed with long battery life. Bose open earbuds allows 6 hours play time. Allway open earbuds even come with a free 450mAh recharging case, so the earbuds will charge automatically on the go.


  • Waterproof so you can run in any weather.

Waterproof is not a unique feature belongs to open earbuds. Any sports earbuds with IPX4 degree are suitable for wearing under rain, including waterproof open ear headphones.

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